Liberty Jane 2014 New Years Design Contest #LJC14

Liberty Jane 2014 New Years Design Contest #LJC14

The Liberty Jane Clothing 2014 New Years Design Contest is here! Meet Sierra, she’s Libby’s cousin….

Important Changes: Video Entry must include the hashtag #LJC14 in the title so we can find it and view it on Youtube (video responses are no longer an option).

Draw a design you’d like to see made for an 18 inch American Girl Doll. We will choose one lucky entry as the winner, based on great design, unique style, good video presentation, interesting title, and clear detailed description. The winner will recieve the outfit they designed made for their doll, plus a BONUS prize. We are also offering 2nd and 3rd place prizes in this contest.

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This contest is not supported or endorsed by youtube. All content of the video is copyright of Liberty Jane Clothing.