Monster Kawasaki 2012: Welcome To The Team

Monster Kawasaki 2012: Welcome To The Team
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Welcome to the Monster Energy Kawasaki Race Team for 2012.

Bringing in more fans, bigger parties and wider coverage, along with an incredible rider line up, progressive team of mechanics, managers and sponsors, the Australian Monster Energy Kawasaki team is leading the charge and putting Australian motocross on the map.

Team Riders:
#1 Jay Marmont, #18 Billy Mackenzie, #48 Kade Mosig

Executive Producer:
Unit Apparel Co.

Allan Hardy

Allan Hardy
Rudi Baker

Camo & Krooked – Far Away
Written, arranged and produced by Reinhard Rietsch and Markus Wagner
Published by Songs In The Key Of Knife (PRS)
Courtesy of Hospital Records Ltd.
By arrangement with